CEMETERY were founded in August 1990 in Bavaria/Germany, by Dani Zizek (Git/Voc from Pfronten) and Michael Bolz (Drums from Obergünzburg). The marching orders were clear from the start: Death Metal, inspired by Bands such as Death, Celtic Frost, Possessed…  Still in the same year, a suitable bass player was found in Robert Mayer (Kempten/ Allgäu).

The three-piece soon played shows in southern Germany, and in the spring of 1991, entered Producer Falk Gruber’s Studio, to record a first demo. Shortly after the recordings, the band is reinforced, adding Frank Heimrath on second guitar. Frank’s tenure is limited to a short period and few shows, as he leaves CEMETERY again, to tend to his own band.

The first CEMETERY demo enjoyed great resonance in the underground scene, and received positive ratings in relevant Mags/Zines of the time (e.g. Germany’s ‘Rock Hard’ Metal Magazine). Record companies reactions, however, left much to be desired…

Unshaken by this, the Bavarians returned to Falk Gruber’s Studio in 1992 to record their first 7” single. The songs meanwhile deviated from rudimentary Death Metal, and instead turned into longer, developing song structures with progressive influences. The underground label for whom the single was recorded, didn’t find themselves capable to release the single as planned – a circumstance that should prove to become a pattern during this early phase of the band’s history.
A few weeks prior to the recordings for the 7”, Roland Weihmayer was found to be a good match on second guitar. Thanks to Roland’s capabilities, Dani’s compositions could finally be presented to a live audience without compromises. The songs had gotten even longer, more progressive, and at times, crossed boundaries into other genres such as Prog Metal.

More shows throughout Germany followed, with bands such as Atrocity, Fleshcrawl, Pyogenesis, Dark Millenium, Torchure and Disastrous Murmur to name a few.

In the meantime, offers from small independent labels across Europe started to come in. The band decided to sign with the German label ‘West Virginia Records’. This decision turned out to be a huge mistake for CEMETERY’s otherwise bright looking future.

Early in 1993, recoding commenced for their first studio album „ENTER THE GATE“ – once again at Falk Gruber’s studio, who had helped the band along the way in many a way. Shortly before, the German band Atrocity had recorded their second album at the same location. Compositions for the new CEMETERY album grew to a length of up to 10 minutes, and for the standards of the time, contained a very unusual mix of Death, Black and Progressive Rock/Metal. A trend that, until a few years later, hadn’t become a trend, yet.

Following the recordings, the band and drummer/founding member Michael Bolz went separate ways. Elmar Nüsslein took the seat behind the drums.

But the release of the album wasn’t meant to be at this time: The label declared insolvency – any label activity was put on hold. Due to contractual obligations (4 albums) and an unclear legal situation, other labels distanced themselves from taking over and releasing the album.

Disappointed and furious, CEMETERY changed their name to AEONS END at the beginning of 1994. With an expanded line-up, adding Roland’s sister Gaby Weihmayer to the band on vocals. Songwriter Dani Zizek decided to subscribe fully to creating Progressive Rock/Metal in the vein of Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and implementing influences from 70’s Prog (Pink Floyd, Yes, …). After several recordings and multiple line-up changes, in 1996, Dani Zizek finally decided to end this chapter, dissolving the band and saying farewell to the metal scene for nearly 20 years to come.

2014:  Roland Weihmayer, who had meanwhile permanently relocated to Los Angeles, contacted Dani Zizek to get his blessings for the creation of a Facebook page as a memento to the old CEMETERY. Carelessly, Zizek agrees. Shortly after, the Spanish label MEMENTO MORI discovers the page, and remembering the heydays of the band, offers to issue ALL existing recordings on a 2-CD discography release! The CD has meanwhile sold out, but this release fanned some lingering embers that rekindled the flame. After over 20 years, thoughts of a reunion took on clearer shapes. A serious motorcycle accident involving Roland Weihmayer put a damper on the newfound excitement, and delays a new beginning by two years. Roland did not rest during his time of recovery, however, and found a new alliance in Los Angeles Drummer Dave Ferrara.

Recovering at a good rate, Roland encourages Dani to write new songs for CEMETERY. He finally agrees in the summer of 2016, and starts to compose songs for a new album, which they record in the new line-up Zizek/Weihmayer/Ferrara, exchanging files recorded in Los Angeles and Peiting/Bavaria throughout the year 2017. They win over L.A.’s Paul Fig as the producer (Alice in Chains, Ghost, Trivium, Stone Sour…), and Death Metal legend Dan Swanö from Sweden takes care of the Mastering. The cover art for the new album was created by Russian artist Denis Forkas, who also lent his talents to releases by bands such as Behemoth or Children of Bodom.

The new album „THE LAST DAY ON EARTH“ almost seamlessly continues where CEMETERY of the early 90s left off, but at the same time becomes even more intricate, and contains two previously unreleased songs, that were written during the ‘first life’ of the band.

CEMETERY-The Last Day on Earth /Album Cover

Completing the line-up in Los Angeles, it now consists of: Dani Zizek (Voc/Git), Roland Weihmayer (Git) – Dave Ferrara (Drums) and Travis Weinand (Bass/Voc).
To enable him to play shows in his native country and residence, Germany, Dani Zizek also recruits former CEMETERY drummer Elmar Nuesslein, bassist Stefan Hendel and Dani’s long-time guitar collaborator Markus Heilmeier, for the purpose of playing local shows.

This means that both, Cemetery L.A. and Cemetery GER are preparing live activities on both sides of the Atlantic, while singer/lead guitarist Dani Zizek ‘commutes’ between the two line-ups. Thanks to this unusual arrangement, CEMETERY are prepared for all probabilities, and starting from early 2019, will be capable to play shows in both, the United States and Europe. Furthermore, the band is currently busy establishing contact to labels on both sides of the pond, and is in the middle of producing the band’s first official video, which was filmed in Los Angeles’ Sugar Studios.

CEMETERY / the Los Angeles Line-Up: Roland Weihmayer/Dave Ferrara/Dani Zizek/Travis Weinand (from left to right)